Wednesday, October 15, 2014


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Making me happy: Our recent trip to Morocco! It was, without a doubt, one of the best experiences of my life. We wandered the souks of Marrakesh, surrounded by the friendliest people on earth, and when it got too much we chilled out in some amazing riads, while being treated to freshly squeezed orange juice and refreshing mint tea. But the highlight of the week was a camel ride into the Sahara desert, where we spent the night sleeping outside by the light of the moon. Just. Wow. There will be a few posts later in the month about the trip... Probably three or four, 'cause I took a ridiculous amount of photos and have so much to share!

Looking forward to: Christmas! I know, it's only the middle of October. In my defence, though, my choir have started preparing our Christmas songs and for me, Christmas means being at home for nearly two weeks with my family and friends! And it's such a magical time... You can almost feel it in the air and see it on people's happy faces near the end of the year!

Reading: Nothing right now... Weird. But that's not exactly true. I picked up two magazines on my way to Morocco, a wedding magazine which I devoured, and Lonely Planet Traveller which I only started reading when I came home on Sunday. As a result, I'm just back from one holiday and am already itching to visit new places! I also have Scott of the Antarctic (in hardback!) on my desk waiting patiently to be picked up. I'm a big fan of all things polar. AND I just finished Little Women and loved it! I did feel it was a bit preachy, but the idyllic setting and family life just captivated me.

Watching: I don't even know why I put this category in, considering I don't own a TV or watch any shows consistently. I am watching YouTube though! There are a bunch of personal vlogs, educational vlogs and web series that I watch every evening. It makes for a nice amount of downtime after work.

Listening to: (Don't judge me.) So at the start of this year, I reread the Twilight series and was a lot less impressed than during my first read through. I must have grown up. Huh. Anyway, a few months ago I watched the movies again and I... I quite liked them. What really grabbed me were the music and score for each movie. So I collected all the soundtracks and scores and have been listening to them non-stop since! My favourite song is A Nova Vida; it's just so happy and hopeful!

Eating: This is a strange one but I had to share that I just made a cup of hot chocolate with a spoon of coconut oil added in and it was incredible! Seriously, try it.

Loving: My far away fiancè, dreaming of my perfect wedding, new friends, my cosy home, the health food shop right around the corner, my job, cycling every day, being content and carefree...

Hope you're all having a lovely week!

Inspired by Danielle.

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