Tuesday, September 23, 2014

London again!

Another trip to London!

Laura and I spent the day doing some very touristy things, at my request. We cycled through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park and meandered around some very popular London sights!







Although, Buckingham Palace was such a disappointment!
Look at that big hunk of grey...


Later, we went to the Barbican theatre for a show with Neil Gaiman and the FourPlay String Quartet
Along with some solo readings and musical pieces, they performed The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains. It was incredible!

I love Neil Gaiman and am slowly working through all of his books, but he keeps adding new ones! If you haven't checked him out before, do it now! Also, now I have a new string quartet to listen to while editing at work, yay!


The next day, we wandered around Hampstead Heath. We had pretty perfect weather for it! I thought we were crazy to go so far out of the city to sit in a park, but this place is so nice. It's more rugged than any of the city centre parks and feels like the sort of place you could easily get lost in!


And just this weekend, I was in London again for the Open House weekend! I was volunteering at the RSC's home at Burlington House, showing people where to go in this spectacular place and giving information. It was tiring but also really enjoyable! And I loved being able to visit Burlington House again





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