Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Big Exciting News!!

We're engaged!!

And we're so happy! After a few *cough* failed attempts, Paul finally got tired of my ruining everything and proposed to me one evening while we were chilling out at his place. I was stunned! We had been talking about marriage and our lives together quite a bit, but I thought an engagement was at least a year off. Once I came around to myself and said yes(!), out came a bottle of champagne, two glasses and a box of macarons to enjoy. What an evening!


The next day we hopped on the train in the centre of Dublin and travelled out to the seaside with a few stops along the way. The sun was shining and we were loved up and carefree!



The ring is from about the 1940's, with an emerald and two diamonds. It's the exact opposite of what I imagined I'd fall for but it was literally love at first sight! Even now, when I catch a glimpse of my ring finger, I swoon.



Another very exciting thing that happened during this altogether exciting summer (and year) is my graduation! I have a doctorate now. I am not a student. I don't know which of those statements I love more!

It was a really nice day, filled with friends, family and good food and beer!


When we were getting the official photos taken, Paul and I were laughing at the height difference between us and the photographer whispered to me in all seriousness... "Would you like an extra inch?" It was pretty hilarious! (We said no.)


The next day, Paul and I got up early, had breakfast in McCambridge's and then strolled out to Salthill.

And I realised that I still love Galway! I was so eager and happy to get out of there in January. But that walk along the sea brought all the good stuff back! I miss the beach.



We spent the weekend after my graduation in Dublin and went for a walk out by the docks to Ringsend one evening. The weather was lovely, we were exploring a new area and we found some lovely curiosities like these herb boxes!




Pints are always gonna happen when Paul and I go for an evening stroll... This pub was so lovely!


Later in the weekend, we sat out in Iveagh Gardens and ate ice creams in the sun.



Two weeks ago, Paul visited Cambridge for a long weekend. We didn't do anything in particular, just spent time together.




It's all been so special!
I'm so lucky.


Nicola Donohoe said...

Little late to the party but congratulations on all fronts. I am so happy for you and I know you and Paul will be very happy together.

Fiona said...

Thanks Nikki! :)

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