Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A few trips to London!

Cambridge is just over an hour away from London by train. It's fabulous! I try to take advantage at least once a month and do something touristy.

I was at the Natural History Museum for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition awhile ago. The photos were really incredible and the setting was... Well, look for yourselves!


Nice, huh?
Also, look! A dinosaur.


On a separate day, I went to Burlington House for some training for work. It was fancy! Burlington House is home to a number of learned societies, including the Royal Society of Chemistry. 




The RSC offices are so nice and filled with some interesting books and chemistry related artwork. It was such a treat to be there!




After learning about the inner workings of the RSC, I met Paul (who had just flown in from Dublin) and we took the train to the Camden Market. Wow! It was so fun and different.



I also picked up some macarons from Ladurée... It's becoming a bit of a thing now. They're just so delicious!


And then a romantic stroll along the Southbank, where we got a great view of Big Ben, passed by the Globe and saw Tower Bridge...

There's a lot to London!*


*And I'm so lucky!

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