Monday, May 12, 2014

The Big Emigration

Moving to England has been fairly simple: I didn't need a visa, getting myself set up with a bank account, etc, was simple and there hasn't been any culture shock... Well, I got a bit of a shock last week when I realised the Brits don't know the meaning of the term 'giving out' but that's a minor issue.*

I'm very lucky: I've only moved across one small sea; I work in the friendliest place possible; I have friends and family in other cities here; and I get to go home regularly. Not to mention the fact that everyone wants to visit Cambridge!

Before the move, I spent some relaxed time in Galway, visited Paul's parents in Mayo and then my sister in Dublin.

I went for a farewell walk to Salthill with lovely friends.

Walk with Brenda - 1

Walk with Brenda - 2

Paul and I enjoyed a night in O'Connor's, the most Irish pub in Galway!**


We strolled around Westport House...

Trip to Mayo - 02

I walked my nephew through Phoenix Park and he didn't fall asleep like he was supposed to.


I visited the Book of Kells and the Old Library at Trinity, which was amazing!



And then, at eight am the next Saturday morning, we left Ireland. This was our view on the way into Holyhead on the ferry.


To get the ferry at eight am, we had to leave home at about six thirty am... After a not-so-heavy-but-still-late night out... Yeah. Clever. Once we got to our lunch stop, I was exhausted. It wasn't pleasant.

We were in Portmeirion and I couldn't drive any farther, so... Well, this is Castell Deudraeth and our suite was the one on the right! 



Despite the initial awfulness, it turned out to be a really lovely day, exploring this bizarre fake Mediterranean village in the heart of Wales and having a mini holiday.



The next day, we drove on to Cambridge via Snowdonia National Park and a host of lovely mountains. It was lovely! 

*It means telling off.
**Probably not the most Irish pub in Galway.

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