Friday, September 13, 2013

Family Holiday in Kerry, Part Two

We spent one day at Muckross House and Traditional Farms in the Killarney National Park. It was awesome!

Kerry Family Holiday - 199

Kerry Family Holiday - 189

Kerry Family Holiday - 196

Kerry Family Holiday - 185

The farms were really interesting, not least because they contained countless baby animals. So cute!

Kerry Family Holiday - 229

Kerry Family Holiday - 234

Kerry Family Holiday - 232

Kerry Family Holiday - 220

We went to Dingle twice, a lovely town near the end of the Dingle Peninsula. It was just charming. I tasted the most amazing Guinness and sea salt ice creams, enjoyed numerous pints of Guinness and devoured bunches of oysters and seafood. We also visited the Wildlife and Seal Sanctuary, full of the cutest little seals and birds. It felt good to support the sanctuary so it can continue to rescue abandoned or hurt seals.

I went for a run on the first morning, up early and out the door before most were awake in the house. It was quite eventful. And terrifying. I ran along the beach for about three kilometres and then decided to walk back by the sand dunes and have a little adventure! Oh dear...

In the first half hour, I was walking through the dunes, admiring the interesting plants, rabbits and butterflies.  Then I got 'lost'. I could always see where I was headed but was walking through marsh and tall sharp grass full of big spiders with green bodies... Ugh. The last hour or so was just awful.

Here you can see my view at one point in the walk. The valley is what I was aiming for...

Kerry Family Holiday - 017

And in these pictures, you can see how Google maps and my running app placed me in the sea - one long trek through the mud.

Kerry Family Holiday - 027Kerry Family Holiday - 018 

Last but not least, I just wanted to mention good old Irish pubs. Probably the most comfortable places in the world to drink, besides, of course, at home in my pyjamas.

Kerry Family Holiday - 264

Kerry Family Holiday - 268

Kerry Family Holiday - 269

Kerry Family Holiday - 274

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