Monday, July 29, 2013


Life has been good.
Real good.

The weather's been amazing in Ireland. Like, better than the Mediterranean amazing. It puts my last blog post about the sun to shame. It's been wonderful! And there's no better place to be than the West at times like these.

Paul and I went on a few mini road trips, thanks to my awesome Mum who lent me her car for three weeks! The first weekend, we went down to Clare and up to Mayo. We passed through the beautiful Windy Gap on our way.

The Windy Gap 1

And last weekend, we drove through the Burren in Clare, to Fanore Beach and Lisdoonvarna. We stopped at the Roadside Tavern in Lisdoonvarna for lunch and left more than satisfied. My favourite part were the grilled oysters with bacon, cheese and tomatoes, yum!

Clare Roadtrip - 06

Clare Roadtrip - 11

Clare Roadtrip - 16

Clare Roadtrip - 10

The Galway Arts Festival was going on around Galway for the last two weeks, so we've been enjoying that too. We went to a really fun trampoline act at the Spanish Arch and after, to a very impressive trapeze act in Eyre Square. We've also been out a few nights, enjoying the festival atmosphere!

GAF Spectacles - 03

GAF Spectacles - 06

GAF Spectacles - 09

GAF Spectacles - 07

I took this video on Instagram during the trapeze...

Mostly though, we've just been sitting out in the evenings, soaking up the sun. It's been so relaxing. We found a great spot to catch the last of the sun close to our house where we can hang out, read and watch all the wildlife. The fish have been jumping like crazy along the river and the bay. They jump so high too! There's also a seal that swims in and out of the bay regularly and we have so many swans, herons, gannets and seagulls. I feel really lucky to live in Galway right now.

Sunny Evening 1

Nimmo's Pier

Heron 2

This weekend, I was at a big (huge!) family reunion, with about 120 people from my grandmother's family. I met some people I haven't seen since I was a teenager or younger and some I've never met! It was really fun and important. I'm getting to know my extended family more and more these days and it's great! They're all such wonderful people, I'm really lucky.

I hope your summer's been as wonderful as mine!


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