Saturday, June 8, 2013

The wonders of Connemara...

I had a friend visit awhile ago. She's from Oregon, but is currently working in Belfast and had never been in Galway before. We went on a bus tour of Connemara so she could see the West of Ireland at it's finest.
It did not disappoint.

Connemara - 35

I've been to these places and down these roads before and it's really breathtaking every time! Having someone beside me saying 'wow' at every turn really reminded me that I live in the most beautiful corner of a beautiful country.

Connemara - 34

The highlight of the tour was Kylemore Abbey, an old castle turned boarding school turned Benedictine Community. Visitors can see a few rooms in the castle, done as they were in the 19th century, visit the Gothic church and stroll through the Victorian gardens. The castle is nestled between a mountain and a lake, while more mountains can be seen near and far.

Connemara - 38

Connemara - 47

Connemara - 49

Connemara - 56

Connemara - 60

Connemara - 17

I really don't think a trip to Ireland is complete without a trip to Galway and Connemara!

Connemara - 19

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