Sunday, June 2, 2013


Paul and I were in Sicily a few weeks ago... Wow, it was an experience! We flew into Palermo and spent two nights there before getting a train to Cefalú, a super pretty beachside town.

Sicily - 071

Sicily - 031

Sicily - 039

Sicily - 060

Being honest, we weren't too keen on Palermo. It was an interesting city, but it was also dirty, graffiti-ridden and... raw. We walked all through the city on our first full day, through large avenues, tiny winding streets and awesome markets.

Sicily - 001

These markets were cool! Lots of tat and trinkets and stalls full of the most vibrant vegetables you've ever seen. And fish! Huge steaks of tuna and swordfish or whole fish ready to be filleted! On one stall was the head of a swordfish, sword attached, upright as a sort of shop sign - 'we sell swordfish, only swordfish!'

Sicily - 087

Cefalú was a treat! It's a very small town, so we walked down more tiny winding streets at least three times each, sat in cafes drinking coffee and beer, relaxing on beaches watching the tide flow in and out and ate the most amazing dinners and lunches... It was special.

Sicily - 127

Sicily - 168

Sicily - 141

Sicily - 144

Sicily - 191

Sicily - 192

Sicily - 062

We did nothing and that's exactly what we wanted!

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