Monday, June 17, 2013

Hello Sunshine!

Ireland had it's summer two weeks ago.
For a whole week!!
It was stunning.

Salthill in Summer - 03

Salthill in Summer - 04

Salthill in Summer - 10

I was out every lunchtime and evening, soaking up all the vitamin D, making the most of it.

I cycled to Barna Woods one evening, where everything was the most striking emerald green.

Bearna Woods - 03

Bearna Woods - 09

Bearna Woods - 08

We went to the beach on Sunday afternoon and nearly froze ourselves in the icy water... Before, y'know, acclimatising.

Tra na Sailin - 2

Tra na Sailin - 8

Tra na Sailin - 9

It was an awesome week and I want more of it!

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