Monday, June 24, 2013


Sorrel and Black Hills - 03

Two different hikes in the last two weeks. Black Hill in Wicklow with beautiful views of the Blessington Lakes above. And below, Glendalough, a glacial valley with a monastic settlement... A really amazing place!

Glendalough - 03

Glendalough - 16

Glendalough - 22

Thinking about: How lucky and happy I am. It's a good summer!

Making me happy: Minding Ódhran for the afternoon. He's only six months but he's already such a big boy! And every time I see him, he's grown so much, I can't keep up!

Looking forward to: I'm going to Sweden this evening for a conference and then a week's holiday with my family who live there. I'm so excited!! I'll be in Lund, Gothenburg and Copenhagen. The conference should be fairly interesting and it'll be so nice to see family I haven't seen in a few years! 

Reading: Inheritance, the last book of the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. I read the first three books years ago, before Inheritance was released so decided to reread them all again over the last few months. I'm still unsure about the series... I like the premise and the characters, but I'm starting to think this last book is a bit sloppy in a way. Still though, I am enjoying it!

Watching: Nothing really. I have a lot of shows I want to watch, but I've taken a bit of a break from TV. I'm spending a lot more time in the evenings relaxing, reading and writing. I find that all this helps me sleep much better than sitting in front of the TV for hours before I crawl into bed.

Listening to: World War Z on audiobook while I run... I've had to cut back the running as my knee has been giving me hell so am listening to this slowly but it lends itself really well to a chapter or two a week.

Inspired by Danielle.

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