Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Finding the source of a river or two...

May Bank Holiday - 02

(This is not the mountain we hiked but it is pretty.)

For the May bank holiday weekend, Dad and I went on a four-hour hike up the Asbawn Brook and down the Glenreemore Brook. The day was absolutely wonderful - sun splitting the stones wonderful!

We started at the end of a typical Irish farm road and crossed the Glenreemore Brook via stepping stones. There was a bridge for crossing the stream but we think it was pulled down by high water levels during that awful winter a few years ago.
This is what's left...

May Bank Holiday - 05

May Bank Holiday - 04

May Bank Holiday - 14

May Bank Holiday - 18

After climbing up this pretty daunting part of the mountain and admiring the spectacular view, we reached the source of the Asbawn Brook. I don't think I've ever seen the source of a river before so this was quite special. The stream bed was full of pure white quartz too, shining up from the mud and grit. Pretty!

May Bank Holiday - 24

 We saw loads of deer along the route, always running away from us.

May Bank Holiday - 21

The second part of the walk was much nicer with much more gradual inclines. After we found the source of the Glenreemore Brook, we strolled down into the valley and ambled back to the car.

May Bank Holiday - 35

May Bank Holiday - 37

Wicklow is an amazing place for hiking - the terrain is boggy, soft, forgiving and  you get incredible views on a sunny day!

It was tough though, for sure. That steep section was nearly like climbing up a rock wall at parts. I wouldn't recommend anyone does this hike in any type of bad weather - we were lucky and had lots of sun but even so we needed to use a compass regularly. With poor visibility, I imagine you could easily get lost.

After the hike, we had lunch at the Village at Lyons, where I took some photos of my awesome nephew and his awesome grandparents!

May Bank Holiday - 48

May Bank Holiday - 44

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