Sunday, April 28, 2013

A nicely active weekend!

This weekend was pretty awesome.

On Saturday, I ran five kilometres... Finally! I've been wanting to hit this distance for months now. It felt great! I walked home by the beach and snapped some pretty shots of Salthill in the sun.

Nothing beats Salthill in the sun!

Saturday Run - 02

Saturday Run - 08

Saturday Run - 05

Saturday Run - 12

Saturday Run - 13

Saturday Run - 15

And today, which, by the way, wasn't as pretty as yesterday (boo!), myself and a few friends climbed Diamond Hill in the Connemara National Park. It was absolutely incredible! I don't have photos from the drive but it was super pretty... Lots of mountains amid the bogs and grass and a few lakes dotted here and there.

The climb was really nice. The wind was strong on the way up, very strong, but the views really made up for it. This is one climb I'll definitely do again!

Oh, and we met two nice donkeys on the way up.

Diamond Hill - 03

Diamond Hill - 08

Diamond Hill - 13

Diamond Hill - 18

Diamond Hill - 28

Diamond Hill - 30

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