Saturday, March 16, 2013


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My awesome nephew is two months old!!!

Thinking about: How I didn't mean to take a two month break from this blog, but it seems to be what I needed. I've been very busy in college and have found myself minimising my life in order to keep my head up. It's been a nice break, to be honest. Now I want to start blogging again, but... nothing much is going on. I've mentioned before that I live a quiet life and often don't have anything of interest to talk about. Conversely, I also feel that I don't share enough about the present moment or about the little things here. So, when things get a bit quiet around here, I might start writing these Currently posts, inspired by Danielle. It'd be different to have a few blog posts populated by text instead of photos around here!

Looking forward to: Lots of things. This St. Patrick's Day long weekend.* A trip to London next week, a trip to Brighton in April. My driving test (!) next month and running a 5k the day after!

Making me happy: Running, yoga, exercise. I'm so glad to be running regularly now and upping my distance every week. I never thought I'd be able to do this and I'm so proud of myself every time I step outside for a run. I live for my Thursday evening yoga classes too. I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated after every class!

Reading: Emma by Jane Austen. Slowly. It's a good book, but I haven't had much time or head-space to read in the last month. I love Jane Austen though and think I'll really like this book once I get into it.

Watching: Speaking of Jane Austen... I've been watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries religiously for the last nine months... And I love it!! Every Monday and Thursday, I come home and immediately take out my phone to watch the new episodes. It's so interesting to follow the character's conversations through Twitter and speculate about how they'll adapt the book to the modern day. I've been pleasantly surprised quite a few times! It's nearing the end but if you're interested, click here and get watching!

Listening to: The Pitch Perfect soundtrack. I watched the movie a few weeks ago and really liked it! I'm a sucker for musicals and the likes. This song, in particular, really helped me in the last five minutes of my run today. So good!

In other news, I'm sure everyone knows that Google Reader will be no longer in July... It makes me sad. I moved all my subscriptions and RSS feeds to Bloglovin yesterday. I'm not sure if I'm sold on it yet but I'll give it a try. So I'd like to invite all of you to Follow my blog with Bloglovin!

Have a great (long) weekend everyone and enjoy St. Patrick's Day!


*I know, I know, it's happening right now! But I'm most looking forward to having Monday off.

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