Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My happy return!

Being home has been wonderful! More than wonderful, it's been everything I wanted! Family, friends, Christmas, food, laughter, etc, etc.

Christmas was really nice and relaxing. I was so content all the week and the arrival of little Ódhran made it extra special.

Christmas 2012 - 09

Christmas 2012 - 21

Christmas 2012 - 35

Christmas 2012 - 38

Christmas 2012 - 39

Christmas 2012 - 40

It was a week of rest between leaving Princeton and coming back to Galway.

And being back in Galway has been just as fun! It's like I never left. The streets and campus have changed a wee bit and, unfortunately, quite a few awesome people have left, but the feeling and the atmosphere is spot on! I've been enjoying meeting up with my friends for pints in various pubs and catching up in the office. I moved into a lovely house with Paul and our friend Hugh and, though it's been a transition from a large space to a smaller shared one, I'm loving it so far! The house is really interesting, with a fireplace and a stove - such a delight!

So Happy New Year everyone!!!

Have you any resolutions?

Mine is to simply be nicer to myself. Keep on with the running and yoga, which I had pretty much abandoned during December. Cook more at home and stop getting take-aways every week. And spend more time on me! I was volunteering so much last year and, though I love it and think it's super important, I've realised I'm in the last and most crucial year of my PhD and I need to focus on writing an awesome thesis and keeping myself happy and sane throughout.

So that's the plan. Simple.

Have a nice 2013, you lovely people!

P.S. I have some blog posts planned to wrap up my time in Princeton that I'd like to share with everyone, but they'll come in time.

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