Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Colours...

I wrote this post last week, before Hurricane Sandy arrived and caused so much destruction. I feel so much for the poor people in the Caribbean, on the Jersey Shore and in New York who have lost their homes and their loved ones, and those who have no power, food, water, gas... On Tuesday morning, I thought it hadn't been so bad, but then the pictures and stories started coming in.

Luckily, neither mine nor my landlady's house were damaged during the storm in any way and we didn't lose power. It was scary though - the wind was so loud and the change in air pressure was hurting my head so bad.

This photo was taken on Monday afternoon, at the start of the storm...

I walked around Princeton Township and University before work yesterday morning and took some photos of the downed trees and power lines.


There aren't many vibrant fall colours left on the trees now, so in homage...

OK, before we start, I must add that, in my personal opinion, there's a difference between fall and autumn.

In Ireland, there's no real distinction between spring, summer and autumn... Sure, the temperatures change and it's slightly warmer in summer, there's a week of actual sun somewhere in there, but the transition between seasons is so gradual that, if you didn't know your dates, you'd hardly notice it's the middle of autumn already!

This is my first ever American fall and it's so different from summer! In one week in September, the temperatures dropped and the leaves started changing from vibrant green to golden and fiery red. I can go outside with long sleeves and I curl up in the evenings with a blanket and a cup of hot apple cider, which is pure luxury!

In other news, do you know what's damn cuter than a squirrel?
A chipmunk! And I finally got a few good photos of our furry resident who's camping out in some rocks beside the house.

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