Saturday, October 27, 2012

Chemistry, Books and Pumpkins!!

About two weeks ago, I went to Philadelphia to visit a few museums. I dubbed it my Nerd Day in Philly. It was awesome!

First stop was the Chemical Heritage Museum. This place is great! It's filled with chemistry equipment, lots of old books on alchemy, cool kid's chemistry sets from back in the day and a lot more. It's an easily manageable museum, with the displays arranged in a really nice, structured manner, and the staff are super nice and knowledgeable. Go visit! You won't regret it.*

I had a bit of time to spare after lunch and before the main appointment of the day, so I stopped for a while in Rittenhouse Square - beautiful as always, especially with the leaves changing colour and falling off the trees.

And then onto the event I was eagerly awaiting - three hours in the Rosenbach Museum handling rare books from Irish Authors.
I had made an appointment for a research visit to view the Museum's Oscar Wilde collection and then joined a Hands-On Tour featuring the manuscript and a first edition of James Joyce's Ulysses and Bram Stoker's handwritten notes for Dracula, among other things.

ALL of my time in the Museum was magical!
I'm a big fan of Oscar Wilde, ever since my parents gave me The Happy Prince and Other Stories back when I was a wee one. Getting to handle and inspect the manuscript and a first edition of Salomé, a letter Wilde wrote to Robert Ross enclosed in a first edition of Ballad of Reading Gaol or the sonnet On the Sale of Keats' Love Letters in Wilde's own writing... It was a really humbling experience and one I'll never forget.

The sunset on my walk home that day was incredible! These photos are not edited in any way... Isn't it beautiful?!

The day after my trip to Philly, we went pumpkin picking at Terhune Orchards... My first time at a pumpkin patch, my first taste of pumpkin pie, my first apple picking fest!
Pumpkins!! Pie!! Apples!!
I came away happy and with enough apples to last me two weeks.**

*You will need an interest in chemistry / science to not regret it.

**Seriously, I just ate my last two apples today!

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