Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Philadelphia: Old City

After I visited Independence Park, I spent the rest of the day strolling around the Old City of Philadelphia.

I came across an unexpected surprise by Penn's Landing - the Irish Memorial. Wow. It was emotional.

I've found myself getting emotional quite a bit lately (a side effect of being away from home for too long) and this nearly tipped me over the edge. It's nice to see that the Irish immigrants that came to America during the Great Famine are remembered in this excellent sculpture.

I took a walk through Elfreth's Alley, one of the oldest continuously inhabited residential streets in America.* It was so charming! The street is all cobblestone and the houses are small and quaint. I couldn't imagine living there and having strangers take photos of your house and peeking into your windows, but it would be a fun thing to tell at parties!

Christ Church is up the street from Elfreth's Alley. I've never been in a church like this one before - it was beautiful, humble and just lovely. 

I stumbled across a goldmine of antiques and books - Barbara Blau Collectables and Jules Goldman Books and Antiques. There were some beautiful pieces of jewellery and really interesting books. Oh, if only I could have bought everything!

Everyone needs to rest tired feet and I did just that at The Franklin Fountain and Mac's Tavern**. A raspberry soda in one and a good pint of beer in the other, sitting out in the sun people-watching. Bliss.

*Thanks you Wikipedia.

**You may recognise the name from that very funny show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"!

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