Monday, September 17, 2012

Philadelphia: Independence Park

I went to Philadelphia two weeks ago for my first glimpse into the "City of Brotherly Love". I have mixed feelings for Philly... There are some wonderful things to see and places to visit, but getting from A to Z isn't altogether charming.... The streets are bland and the buildings are grey. There's really not much between destinations. That being said though, I'll add that the destinations are really awesome! I did a lot in two days and have a million photos to prove it!

On Saturday, I visited the Old City and Independence Park. Unfortunately for me, I know less than the very basics of American history, so Independence Park was a bit lost on me. But I was still able to appreciate that I was standing in the place where the Declaration of Independence was written and signed, which was quite humbling. It was a really nice day and perfect for walking around the Park and Old City.

I found that the National Park blended in very well with the rest of Old City so that I was suddenly in the middle of a busy street lined with modern restaurants without realising!

I arrived at Christ Church Burial Ground too late in the day to visit Benjamin Franklin's grave but I'll be back again for sure! It looks lovely from the gates.

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