Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lately in Princeton...

So I've been sharing pictures and stories from my trips to New York and Philadelphia quite a bit, but there's not much in this blog regarding Princeton, the place in which I actually live and spend most of my time. So I figured I'd start showing you the sights of Princeton and the PU campus.

Last week, I went to the Richardson Auditorium to see the Brentano String Quartet. It was so good! I really like instrumental music, especially strings and piano, and I was super excited for this concert. The Richardson Auditorium is a really spectacular venue. Once I saw the building and found out it was an auditorium, I knew that I needed to go to a concert before I left Princeton.

Just a small walk away from Richardson Auditorium is Nassau Hall, the oldest building in Princeton University. During the summer, I was attending yoga classes every Wednesday evening at Yoga Above. These classes are wonderful in so many ways. The teacher, Marissa, is so nice and friendly and she leads a lovely Integral Yoga class that's at the right energy level for me - not too easy, not too strenuous. The studio is really great with practice spaces facing Nassau Hall and the small park in front of it - a perfect view! So every Wednesday evening, I would stroll on down to Nassau Hall, sit on the steps or the grass and read for about an hour before going up for an awesome yoga class.

Near to Nassau Hall is Chancellor Green, a hugely impressive building that's so screened by trees and other buildings, it's not possible to get a proper photo of the place. I could get a picture of this bell though. Isn't it cute?

Of course, I'm still seeing a million squirrels and even some squirrel tracks in the pavement!

And on a side note, it's autumn!! Or fall, as the Americans put it. I'm excited for pumpkins, tasty apples, perhaps some apple cider, warm comfort food and soups. The leaves have started to change colour (it's magnificent) and I can sense an end to the extreme humidity.* Soon, I'll be able to wear long trousers, tights and jumpers all the time and curl up on the couch with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. Win!

*I hope.

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