Thursday, July 26, 2012

Old Crafts: Baking Bread

I love cooking and baking. And I love trying out new things. Unfortunately, I don't bake bread that often, even though it's so easy, cheap and satisfying, but I was well impressed when I baked my first loaf of white yeast bread. It doesn't look so good, due to an altercation with some cling film, but it was tasty! And paired with poached eggs and lots of cracked pepper, I was in heaven.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Princeton Art Museum

A quick post today to show you some artwork and ancient pieces from the Princeton Art Museum that I liked. The Museum itself was nice. It was really comforting... Any art museum anywhere within the world (to an extent) will seem the same... So I really could sit staring at a Monet painting and think I was in Europe, at least.

I'm afraid I don't have names of artists, cultures, etc, as I'm not that attentive when it comes to art... But visit the Museum to find out!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

New York, New York!!

Wow, New York... Such an interesting, diverse city... Seriously, there's so much to do there!
Here's a little synopsis of what I did on my first of hopefully many visits to New York City.

I wasn't so impressed with Times Square... Really, I didn't see what the hype was all about. But then my housemates told me that I really have to see it at night. That's when it really shines.* Next time...

Bryant Park...

The New York Public Library may be my favourite place in New York... Though I have to see the whole city to be certain of that fact and I'm sure Central Park will also be incredible. There's just something about libraries, even those without so many books. On my to-do list: Spend a whole day reading here.

Paul's brother and his girlfriend kindly took care of me for the rest of the day. We started at Grand Central Station...

Then a visit to 5 Pointz, which is all kinds of awesome!

And then, and this is pretty awesome, we went to the opening of the MoMA PS1 Warm Up... Sort of. We actually went to a party overlooking the Warm Up. It was different and so fun! We were watching all the different characters at the gig and they were watching us! For an idea of how awesome it was, that's me in the bright red dress!

And we walked the High Line ...

And got to see this awesome piece of graffiti...

And then I went home and slept like a baby after such a long day. It's so lovely to be so close that I can spend a whole day there and still get home to my own bed!

I can't wait to visit again!!


*Shines, get it?
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