Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My first week in Princeton!


So I'm still just settling in here, getting used to everyday life and the hassle of getting to the supermarket / grocery store. Everything's going really well! I'm attending this summer school for the week, which is really great and intensely educational, and next week I'll start right into my research work at the University. Some things that have hit me so far while I've been here:

Once I got to JFK airport, I got on a train to the subway and then a train to Madison Square Gardens and then another train to Princeton! There were a lot of stairs and I had two wheely bags... But everybody who noticed me offered me help... EVERYONE!! I've heard New Yorkers aren't so friendly, but I saw nothing but kindness yesterday!

On my first morning, I was walking towards the "dinky" train, which runs from Princeton Junction, where I live, to Princeton and it started moving. It's a pretty regular service, so I wasn't too bothered. But then the train stopped and the conductor came out and WAITED for me to get on board... A train!! 

There are no electric kettles in America. And I knew that already, but what really surprises me is that no one minds... Do they not know how awesome it is to boil your water quickly and safely??

There are squirrels everywhere!!

I've seen 42 so far!

The weather's been crazy while I've been here. I arrived in the middle of a heatwave and it was 35 - 40 C, then a thunderstorm hit on Friday! The weekend was about 25 C on average, so nice and manageable. Then ANOTHER thunderstorm yesterday morning in which I got caught. And today it's between 15 and 20 C... WTF?

On Saturday, my sponsor here in Princeton invited the research group to his house by the shore. That was a lot of fun! We sat on the porch overlooking the lagoon, having snacks and beers and chats. He then brought us out to Long Beach Island for a swim... My first swim on this side of the Atlantic Ocean! The island was beautiful!!

Lovely, isn't it??

I'm going to explore Princeton town this weekend and visit the farmer's market, pretty excited for it!


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