Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The end of Christmas

Ah... As the Christmas season has now officially ended, I *sigh* contentedly. Time spent with my family and friends was absolutely lovely and I am so glad for the nearly three week break I was able to enjoy.

Christmas Day was a relaxed affair, with plenty of good food and chats. On St. Stephen's Day, we visited some of my Dad's family in Wicklow for more food and chat. And a few days later, we spent time with all of my Mum's family.*

My sister, Aoife, and her boyfriend, Jason, joined Paul and I for a quiet New Year's Eve spent playing poker and drinking Prosecco. On New Year's Day, we drove out to Connemara for a view of Galway Bay, a bowl of chowder and a Guinness in Padraicin's.

However much I really really love Christmas, it is a long holiday full of rich foods, late nights and more alcohol than one (I) ever needs to consume. It's no surprise that I developed a cold a few days after Christmas Day and my nose, throat and eyes were incredibly sore. Luckily, I fixed myself pretty quickly with a hearty vegetable stew, lots of Galway Cream Tea from An Cupan Tae and much curling up on the couch.

And so, goodbye Christmas, see you in eleven months!


*I didn't take many photos this Christmas... I haven't really taken many photos lately at all... However, I only share photos of my friends and family on this blog if everyone pictured is happy to be shown here. That being said, getting a photo of seven to thirty five people and managing that said photo is complementary to everyone involved is difficult. This is just a little explanation of why there aren't more "people" photos on this blog. (:

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