Saturday, November 5, 2011

Painting Nice Things

So everyone loves blackboard paint, right?
Well, I know I do!

I went through a bit of a painting phase at the end of October and made some nice things:

I painted LOADS of glass jars with blackboard paint, the idea being that when I buy something in plastic packaging, I immediately pour the contents into a nice glass jar and write on the blackboard label. It makes my kitchen cupboards so much more interesting! I've been wanting to debrand my home for a while now and this is just one step towards that.

A rusty old bread tin became a button tin using the same blue paint that was used for my baking shelves and more blackboard paint.The blackboard paint actually didn't work well with the tin, so I can't really use it with chalk, but the tin is magnetic so I just added some pretty French word magnets!

Using that blue paint again, and more magnets, I made this notice board type thing. I really love this! It was made using the lid to a biscuit tin and I hot-glued a ribbon on the sides so that it could hang. I plan to make more of these after Christmas, when biscuit and sweet tins are in abundance.

Little projects like these are what I love!

I'm moving into a lovely one-bedroom flat with amazing views of the Corrib river this weekend. I'm excited to have a new space to work with and make my own. And that view... Wow! I'll write more about this when I move in properly and decorate a bit.

Happy November everyone!!

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