Friday, October 28, 2011

Sewing with Oilcloth

When I was in Cardiff, I found some amazing varieties of oilcloth at very cheap prices. Oilcloth costs €25 a metre here in Galway, so £7 for a metre was nothing to pay! It took some rearranging of my carry on baggage, but I managed to get it home!

And I made things, as crafters are wont to do.

I had never worked with oilcloth before, but it was quite a breeze! I did have to change the thread tension a bit though... and, being honest, I can't remember to which number I changed it. As it's a polymer (polyvinyl chloride) and not a textile, if you pull out some stitches, the holes will remain, which is why I used my pins sparingly. But it ran very smoothly through my machine and I found that I got these little pieces out very quickly.

I made:

A soapdish

A covering for the hole in my bike basket

And a little bag for all my biking stuff and my lunch

Just a few quite functional things to brighten up my life!

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