Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hello Hello All!

I've been taking a little break from the internet (or as much of a break as an internet-addicted lady can be) while I prepare a few things. I've been very productive of late and taking great advantage of this productivity! Nevertheless, I thought I'd stop by and say hi before I take yet another break next week.

I'm off to Spain for ten days, for a conference and a sun holiday! I'm very excited! The conference will be held in Zaragoza and then I'm off to Barcelona for a few days rest. I've been preparing for this holiday all summer, buying a pretty swimsuit, filling my new Kindle up with some good books and making sure my work doesn't follow me after the conference.

One I hit Barcelona, I plan to sit by the beach and read. Also, I'll be eating loads of tapas! Nothing more. If, by chance, the culture of the city draws me in, I may take a wander and check it out.

Last week, Paul and I went for a walk by the Claddagh in Galway. It was a lovely evening and I had his fancy DSLR camera, so I snapped some shots.

Have a good few weeks!


P.S. For all those reading this in a Reader, please excuse the last post. It wasn't meant to publish, but you know, things happen.

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Katri said...

I love your swimsuit! And the pictures are lovely!

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