Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spanish Holiday: Zaragoza

Basilica Square 2

The main square in Zaragoza is a large space enclosed by the Basilica, the Roman Forum and other impressive looking buildings. It was beautiful. Zaragoza was named Caesaraugusta in Roman times and it's still home to a Roman Port, Forum, Baths and Theatre. Unfortunately, the Baths were closed while I was there (boo!) but I got to visit the other sites and even took in a few Spanish informational presentations, which were good, even for myself, who knows no Spanish.

Basilica Square 6

I stayed at the Palafox Hotel in Zaragoza, 5 stars and incredible! The room was large, sophisticated and well equipped. The breakfasts were so tasty and with so much available – bacon, sausages, cured hams, cereals, fruit, yoghurt, juice - I was full until lunch every day. And the best part was the swimming pool on the roof. I spent all Friday and Saturday evenings there, reading and relaxing. Such a treat!

Zaragoza Basilica 8

The food in Zaragoza was really lovely. I’m a big fan of tapas and there was this one place just down the road from the hotel that bowled me over with tastes! The first night we were there, I had octopus legs in the most creamy sauce. They also served chorizo and small green peppers, fried to perfection.* Tapas are such a nice tradition and I found that I was full much sooner than if I had a big dish in front of me. I also generally found that the tapas in not-so-touristy Zaragoza were much better than in overrun-with-tourists Barcelona, but maybe I just wasn’t finding the good places in Barcelona.

Zaragoza Basilica 22

I met Andrea of Mystery Moor on my last day and we went to a flea market just outside the city centre. It was really good to meet another blogger and chat about common interests and blogging. It was also nice to learn more about the interesting Spanish culture, which is quite different from Irish culture.

Zaragoza 27

Spontaneous tango dancing - quite awesome!

Zaragoza was a really nice city and although I won’t be planning another holiday there, I’d be happy if I passed through again. This trip made me realise that big cities really aren’t my thing. I love small buildings and green spaces, rivers and parks.



P.S. This sounds a lot more like a travel review than I had intended. Oh well.

*Those small green peppers are a secret Spain has been holding onto for too long, they’re so fu*kin’ tasty!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Spanish Holiday: Coming Home...

Hello All!

I'm back and home and safe and sound.

Over the next while, I'll be posting pictures from my trip. There are a lot of them, so there may be quite a few Spanish Holiday posts.

I had a wonderful time away, but I am glad to be home.

Being away always reminds me that I love Ireland and Galway, even with the bad weather and frequent rain. This is the place for me.*

You can see why in the next few photos...


Lovely as always. Nice and sunny, with a dash of cloud. Interesting mountains. Spain really is great!


I mean, it's pretty interesting, right?? Stormy, sunny and breathtaking!

And that's why I love Ireland.


*For now. I can't make any promises in later years.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hello Hello All!

I've been taking a little break from the internet (or as much of a break as an internet-addicted lady can be) while I prepare a few things. I've been very productive of late and taking great advantage of this productivity! Nevertheless, I thought I'd stop by and say hi before I take yet another break next week.

I'm off to Spain for ten days, for a conference and a sun holiday! I'm very excited! The conference will be held in Zaragoza and then I'm off to Barcelona for a few days rest. I've been preparing for this holiday all summer, buying a pretty swimsuit, filling my new Kindle up with some good books and making sure my work doesn't follow me after the conference.

One I hit Barcelona, I plan to sit by the beach and read. Also, I'll be eating loads of tapas! Nothing more. If, by chance, the culture of the city draws me in, I may take a wander and check it out.

Last week, Paul and I went for a walk by the Claddagh in Galway. It was a lovely evening and I had his fancy DSLR camera, so I snapped some shots.

Have a good few weeks!


P.S. For all those reading this in a Reader, please excuse the last post. It wasn't meant to publish, but you know, things happen.
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