Monday, July 18, 2011

Galway Juggling Convention, Yay!!

Wow, what a weekend!
GJC 2011 1
What a weekend!!

As predicted, props were thrown, balloon sculptures were made and a few strange things happened. The buzz and atmosphere of the juggling hall was incredibly uplifting. It was also awesome to hang out with some friends I hadn't seen in ages! Basically, a juggling convention is what occurs when a big bunch of people gather together in a big hall and practice and swap tricks. It's so much fun!

We had a few shows over the weekend - Fire Show, Gala Show and Renegade Show. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the Fire Show because I got back from Cardiff late, but I hear it was super! The Gala Show and Renegade Show really were amazing!

We were lucky enough that Jay Gilligan was available that weekend and willing to travel from Iceland to London to Dublin to Galway.* His show was exhilarating, to say the least. For a man who spent the whole day travelling, he had a surprising amount of energy left for the show!
Galway Juggling Convention 2011
Also in the show was Stephen McGinley, a good friend of mine who is filled to the brim with talent!
GJC 2011 24

GJC 2011 9
And the MC was Brendan, another good friend of mine. Brendan has the best worst jokes I've ever heard and, luckily for everyone, he loves to tell them on stage! He's also a wicked devil stick juggler!
GJC 2011 23 
There were, of course, a lot of other people in the show, photos of whom did not come out well on my simple snappy camera: Dave, Dara and Paul with their awesome act featuring shoes, Mark, who can juggle SEVEN balls, which is not an easy feat, Su and her hoop, Niall doing some poi, Paul and his staff and three brilliant acrobalance-tastic girls from the Galway Community Circus!

After the Gala Show came the Renegade Show, which is where most of the crazy stuff happens. The Renegade is a lot of fun, and with a shot of tequila for every act, who wouldn't love it?? I particularly thought this was cool!

GJC 2011 55

Sunday brought more sunshine (yay!) and the Games, which are competitions for jugglers, such as club gladiators, hula hoop races, juggling endurances. This year was my first time to see the juggling wheelbarrow race, so fun!

GJC 2011 74

And look what I was given! My very lovely co-organisers gave me flowers (I love flowers!), a card and a certificate, which I was so surprised by and grateful for! The last three years of Galway Juggling Conventions couldn't have happened without everyone's help!

GJC 2011 92

It's always nice when a random bunch of kids come to watch the jugglers!

GJC 2011 Phone 11

Have a nice week everyone!!

*He was stuck on a plane on the runway in London Stansted airport for so long that he nearly missed his connecting flight. His bags were still in the luggage hold on the plane and he was willing to leave them there and run to his connecting flight! Luckily, they ended up on his flight to Dublin. Now, that's dedication!

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