Saturday, July 30, 2011

Enjoying the last of the summer...

For me, right now, summer is over. In a way. And I don't mind this. I quite like autumn and winter. But what gets me is the fact that summer is still lingering, but poorly. Like it's trying to win a hopeless battle against the more powerful colder seasons.

Sunday and Tuesday were beautiful and sunny days in Galway.* The rest of the past week has been overcast, slightly humid and a bit rainy. If the weather were good for the past week, I would be delighted. If the weather were bad for the past week, I would be content. What gets me is the inconsistency of it all!

So what I'm trying to say is that I'd like for the summer to be over and I'd like to get back to consistently bad weather, which is kinda what Galway is good at. All these uncharacteristically sunny days are messing with my mind!

The past few weeks, however, have been filled with quite outdoors-ey and summer-esque activities. So I thought I'd share a few nice pictures (mostly taken with my phone) as a farewell to summer.

I didn't realise half-pints of Guinness now come in their own mini glass!

The view while fishing at Claddagh Quay in Galway.

The first ripe tomato showing up in Paul's household.

The Potter's Market in Galway. Such a treat!

We had a BBQ by the river and enjoyed the sounds of Blondie playing for the Galway Arts Festival!



*That I didn't get to enjoy because my housemate and I decided to clean the kitchen, sitting room and our bedrooms top to bottom. And oh, how they shine! Necessary, but badly timed.

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Skuld said...

Oh, the one of us with the sun in the background is particularly awesome. The little Guinness glass is adorable. They had lots of good glasses in Spain, as they don't really drink pints there.

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