Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cardiff, Cardiff, gotta get down in...

I rewrote Rebecca Black's "Friday" while away to better fit our adventure. No one was very happy with me for it though... Oh well.

Cardiff was very, very fun! I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to go away (again) with my research. The conference was really interesting; I learned quite a bit over the week.

We walked around the city a good bit. I like Cardiff, it's full of impressive buildings, big streets and parks. The only really touristy thing we did was visit the castle but that was enough. It was breathtaking!

It had a very interesting World War II Air Raid Shelter:

And the apartments... Beautiful!!

Elsewhere around Cardiff, I saw this and fell in love:

What a great window display!!

I'm having a lovely relaxed weekend. Paul is away so I've been cooking, reading and writing. I made lemon curd from some leftover egg yolks and unwanted lemons. It's delicious! I had never tried lemon curd before and I'm not sure what to use it in... Or will I just eat it on a spoon? I also prepared some bread dough, which is rising in the hot press as I write this. Unfortunately, I don't think I mixed it very well. If it turns out alright, I'll spread lemon curd on a slice or two in the morning, yum!

Lisa from Goodknits emailed me today to tell me that I had won her apron giveaway! I was so delighted to read her email!! This is the first physical item I've won in a giveaway and it means that I get post, which is always fun! Thanks Lisa, you've made my evening! (:

Have a great rest-of-the-weekend everyone!



Skuld said...

Good on ya! I'm always entering giveaways and competitions but am yet to win anything (apart from that bike bag). Your photos are really lovely, you'll have to give me some tips. Although I finally found my camera charger - I prefer my little cybershot to Chuck's fancy camera....

Fiona said...

Thank you! I'm slowly learning to use Paul's fancy Canon DSLR, but I find my little snappy Canon Ixus is great too! I edit all the photos on here with Picasa by Google. It's limited, but works to make my photos brighter and more vibrant. I'm waiting to get Photoshop and lessons on how to use it from Paul. Personally, because I love photography, I love to make my photos as large as can be on the page. I can show you how to use Picasa anytime! (:

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