Monday, June 6, 2011


Hello Hello All!!

I must admit... With moving, unpacking, papers due in work, weddings, dinners and the sunny (ish) weather that has finally returned to Galway, I have been neglecting my lovely Blog. Sorry!*

So here's a little update of the last two weeks for me.

Last weekend, my cousin Ruth got married! It was a beautiful ceremony, setting, venue, crowd of guests, music, etc, etc. I'm so happy for Ruth and her new husband, Ciaran! Everything went perfectly over the whole weekend and all I saw on everyone's face were big smiles and happiness!

The conservatory. The venue was really spectacular!

I just love a good shelf of pretty books.

My sister Emer (centre) and cousins, Clare and Emma.

Most of my family with MOST of our eyes open!

The lovely new bride and her mother. I got no pictures of the stunning Ruth in her amazing wedding dress or of the couple together. Oh boo! 

As per my last post, we all went to the Galway Atlantaquaria, which was awesome!! As I had half-predicted, I did get soaked by a horrendous April shower on the way. But Michelle and I had breakfast when we both arrived and I dried off. Once Nelly and Conn made it through the rain, we popped into the Aquarium, which was sooo good! We spent most of our time hanging out by the ray pool, touching all the pretties. And they were so sweet! Apparently, the rays and dogfish and turbots like to be petted so we were all benefitting from the experience.

I held this big spiny crab.

We also got to handle starfish and touch sea anemones.

AND we met Valentine, "the world’s only captive White Skate". She was huge! Here she is being annoyed by a crab.

I know these photos aren't so good. Aquarium photos never really are and these were all taken on my phone. I still feel I have to share them though! And the funniest thing that happened? While watching the rays and their friends being fed and while my hand was resting in the water, a turbot tried to eat it!! There was no chance of my hand actually being eaten, but it was funny!

I've finally, completely and 100% moved in and unpacked. FINALLY! Everything is in its place. My craft corner is organised. My two wardrobes are filled to the brim with clothes I never wear. I've been getting the gerbils acquainted to their new home. In my last place, they were kept in the living room / kitchen, so I could never let them have a proper run around. But now, they're kept in my bedroom and I've been letting them out every now and then. They're loving it! Exploring may be their favourite thing to do.** I'm really glad they have a bit more freedom now.

To celebrate my settling in, I made dinner for the girls a few evenings ago and, if I may say so myself, it went very well! I used the Pioneer Woman's Pasta Carbonara recipe. I love that recipe, it's the best Carbonara ever! Are you looking for something to make this evening (and not worried about calories)?? Then give this a try. I swear, it won't disappoint. After dinner, we sat outside in the evning sun (a rare event in Ireland), drinking wine and having chats. Lovely!

It's a long weekend here in Ireland, and I've been enjoying it as best I can. Unfortunately, the weather is not something we can rely on... It was so hot, sunny and lovely on Friday, but the weather's been very odd since. A bit of rain, a bit of sun, lots of breeze. Very odd! Luckily, I'm sitting down to write this paper for work, just as the rain starts. The timing couldn't be better!

So I leave you darlings with a picture of what I see when I leave my apartment complex:


I hope you all had a very nice weekend!



*Well... Not really, I've been having a lovely couple of weeks! I'm sure you don't mind me having a bit of fun in exchange for no posts??

**Also, chewing, they love to chew.

***Don't mind the big pile of scrap metal in the background, please!

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