Thursday, June 9, 2011

Old Crafts: Growing Basil

I enjoy gardening and watching things grow from the tiniest seeds.* However, there’s a lot of planning involved in gardening. And while I am a very organised person, I’m also trying to cut down on planning every tiny aspect of my life. Paired with the fact that I didn’t know where I’d be living right now a few months ago, I had originally decided not to plant anything this summer. Except these French Beans, which came in a pot and all I had to do was push the seeds in and water. Easy! I have two seedlings now and I’m excited to see what the beans will turn out like!

Dwarf French Bean Seedlings 7

Dwarf French Bean Seedlings Collage

That all being said, I got the urge this weekend. The urge to have fresh Basil and Spring Onions growing on my windowsill. I know nothing about sowing Spring Onions, nothing at all! I don’t even know if they’ll grow this late in the year… But that’s sort of the fun of it! This is a bit of an experiment, really. And if I manage to get some seedlings, I promise I’ll read up on how to care for Spring Onions and be good to them. Basil, however, I know a few things about. Last year, I sowed the seeds early in April though, so again, we’ll see if I get seedlings this late in the year.

I was so proud of my Basil growing abilities last year! It was such a pleasure to pick the leaves right off the plants and throw them into a tomato or cream sauce or make pesto. I grew nine plants, which ended up being much too much Basil to consume. And one thing I definitely failed at was preserving the leaves. So for this Old Craft, I’m showing a few photos from my Basil growing adventures, starting with the first tiny seedlings, that may or may not have made me squeal!

Basil 1

Basil 6

Greenhouse 3

Greenhouse 9

Market Day Collage

I don’t think there’s anything more rewarding than pairing Market Cherry Tomatoes with fresh homemade Basil for lunch!


*Have you seen the minute size of basil seeds?!

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