Thursday, June 23, 2011

Have a look at my New Home!!

My sister and her boyfriend came to visit last weekend. It was so much fun! The evening they arrived, Paul made a lovely dinner and I baked some Sea Salt Caramel Brownies, which were seriously and tastily amazing!! Quite a lot of food was consumed over the weekend, as should always be the case, and a good bit of drink too. And we went fishing! But we didn't catch anything. For my first fishing experience... Well, it wasn't exhilarating but it was fun, in a way. I'll give it another chance later in the summer, perhaps on a warmer and less breezy day.

Anyway... While waiting for Aoife and Jason to arrive, I decided to take some photos of my new home... Which isn't so new anymore, considering I've been here for over a month now!

My French shelf.

This Turkish teapot was a birthday present from Nelly and I love it!

A few little pretties... The beautiful teacup I bought at the flea market in Nancy, interesting boxes that used to be full of tasty Bergamot sweets, the place marker from Will and Ailish's wedding, a cute handmade box that Rachael made me a few years ago and the Chinese calligraphy set that I got in China.

What do you think?! I'm pretty sure I've said this millions of times before, but I'm no designer! I've filled my bedroom with everything I love and with no consideration for clashing colours or clutter. But hey, I like it! And now all my craft stuff is within view (mostly) so I don't have to be putting everything away all the time. Win!

I've been busy. Veeeery busy. And stress, unfortunately, gets me quite easily. When I'm stressed, I get emotional, hurried, scatterbrained. I give up yoga, crafting and happy times to "relax" and sleep more. But really what I'm doing is spending too much time on Google Reader, Twitter and Pinterest, going to bed and obsessing over what needs to be done.

I feel you all need to know this because it happens and I may be missing from this blog when it strikes. There's never anything interesting going on during these stressful times, so I have nothing to blog about and no time to edit photos. But hey, it's not all bad! Being stressed usually means something good is going on in my research, which is actually great!

I am stressed at the moment, but handling it quite well. Right now, I've had a simple pasta dinner, some lovely chocolate and I'm watching Planet Earth from the very start. Again. It's been a good evening and I feel great! I have lots of stuff to do tomorrow, but that's for tomorrow and I can handle it. (:

I'll be in Cardiff next week for a conference with most of my research group. All the PhD students are going and staying in the same place, which should be a nice bonding trip for us! And the Galway Juggling Convention is the weekend after and I'm so excited for it! This will be my third (and last) time organizing the Convention, and hopefully it'll be the biggest. Have you ever been to a Juggling Convention? They're amazing! A big hall full of balls and clubs and poi and diabolos, etc, etc. Props are thrown, balloon sculptures are made, strange things are happening! I'll be sure to guide you through what a Convention is all about after next week. (:

Have a lovely weekend, my dears, and a great week!


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