Sunday, May 22, 2011

Swans are pretty.


So I'm still fixing up my new place, trying to make it nice and comfortable for myself. The kitchen is a pleasure to use. There's so much more space than there was in my last apartment and so many more utensils and crockery. Oh, the dinner parties I shall have! I spent a few hours this evening arranging my craft and dressing tables to be pretty. There's just so much space here, I can't get used to it!

But anyway... In lieu of any interesting news, crafty endeavours, out-of-town adventures, etc, I'm gonna post some nice pictures from the last week. Walking home one evening, the river was really high... And I'll stress again, it was REALLY high. And there was a whole bevy* of swans chilling out in the high water. I really like swans. Sure, they could break a bone or two if they wanted, but they're so beautiful and graceful. I never appreciated Yeats when I was forced to study him in school, but I know now that The Wild Swans at Coole is a wonderful poem! I'm always reminded of it when I meet a few swans.

How's everyone's weekend going? Anyone doing anything fun?? I'm *hoping* to go to the Galway Aquarium tomorrow with Michelle, Nelly and a few others. But of course, this all depends on if the weather calms down enough for us to cycle out and not get soaked in the rained or blown off our bikes into the sea. Here's hoping!


*Thanks to a quick Internet search - "collective noun swan" - I've learnt something new this evening.

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