Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pinterest and body image

Alright, I'll start this slightly rant-y post by telling everyone that:

I love Pinterest.

I really do. It's great for finding interesting craft and food ideas, keeping track of what I want, want, want* and "bookmarking" pictures and inspiring quotes that I love. I even have a whole Pinboard dedicated to the Eiffel Tower.**

What I don't love about Pinterest is this trend I'm noticing. This "thin" trend. It kinda makes me recoil in horror...

This is disgraceful. I was wondering whether I'd want this picture on my blog, this cruel picture that's taunting insecure women to starve themselves. But I couldn't find the true source to link to.*** Or at least I hope that the dead end I found was not the true source.**** So I won't pursue it. I also didn't want to link this from the blogs or Pinterest accounts on which I found it. That would be unfair.

So there it is, stuck on my blog. Probably not forever because it makes me angry.

"And why is this picture so bad anyway? Being healthy and fit is important in every person's life, Fiona."

And of course it is! I'm not the best person to be preaching on either of these topics really. I hardly exercise and I bake some awfully unhealthy sweet treats. I gained weight while in France, probably from eating very tasty and not-at-all-regret-filled bread and cheese every day! I've been a member of a gym and swimming pool since September and could count on two hands the amount of times I've been.

Having said all of this, though, I still believe that a healthy lifestyle is important. I feel great after a swim or yoga class! And making a healthy and tasty meal is so satisfying! I have plans for the summer to eat healthier dishes, cut back on chocolate bars (not baking though, I could never stop baking) and do more yoga and exercise! I will not weigh myself and I will not restrict myself from having that cookie. I love cookies! Just try to keep it away from me.

One person who has a healthy lifestyle sussed is Danielle. Danielle has a five month old baby boy (who is so cute!) and she still finds time to exercise and eat healthy! She should be the sort of inspiration that these women who blog and pin this picture turn to.

But this picture (and many others I've seen floating around Pinterest) is not encouraging women to be healthy, fit and strong. It's encouraging women to be thin. Just thin. Who cares that thin isn't always healthy. Who cares that people are different sizes and shapes. If you're thin, you must be doing it right. Right?

Fuck. That.

On the same day that I found "the picture", I found this:

If you click on the picture, you'll be transported***** to the picture in Pinterest and if you click on THAT picture, to this post on Mollie's blog. Katie sure has good reasons to celebrate! Beating anorexia is a huge achievement and I'm really happy for her! It seemed very fitting, then, that while I'm getting irked at some women's perceptions of the perfect body, I come across a woman who has overcome these ideas and is a happy, healthy person ten years on! And baking cookies!! Sweet, delicious cookies.

So to finish this rant, a healthy lifestyle is a wonderful thing and something that I will strive for this summer. "Thin" can take a back seat while I work to be happy, fit and healthy. And I hope that many other women (and men) can happily say this for themselves.

Rargh! Rant over.


*Surprisingly little so far, yay! But aren't those few things so pretty?

**It's masquerading as a "travel" board, but it's really not fooling anyone!

***So I won't get a chance to send the person who made this a rant-y e-mail, oh boo!

****I'm a nice girl and try not to send people rant-y e-mails, if I can.

*****Magically, of course!


Katie Green said...


Sorry its taken me so long to comment here....I just wanted to say a huge thank you for using my 10 best things about recovery. I'm also so glad that you found inspiration in it too. That makes me super happy!

Thanks again for this lovely post :)


Meream said...

Right on!

That's all I have to say but really, this is beautiful.

Fiona said...

Thanks Meream!! I really appreciate your comment. (:

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