Monday, April 11, 2011

Hi There!

Long time no see, guys. It’s been a while.

Oh hey, here’s a rabbit!*

NOx Rabbit 2

I’m writing up a post about the trip to Paris Paul and I went on. And I have one more post I want to write about Nancy, to ensure that my whole trip is well documented. For now, though, I just wanted to stop in and say hi. Tell you all the news.

I’m back home in Ireland, yay! I’ve just been at home in Naas hanging out with one of my sisters and my parents. And now I plan to spend at least a month in Galway working away and enjoying the Galway lifestyle. And if this good weather keeps up, it should be a lovely month!

I have a busy summer ahead of me and a lot to do in work, so I have to be super super organised from now! That doesn’t bother me though, I love being busy… Although, I do get stressed very easily and it gives poor Paul quite a headache.** This time it will be different…

Probably. (:

So what do I have on this summer? Two or three weddings***, a trip away with the Chemistry Society in college to organise, a Juggling Convention to organise and two conferences with work. Not to mention the European Juggling Convention… Which I really hope to get to, if I have time off work to take and enough money. Pretty busy then. I am also moving into the middle of town in May!

I won my first ever giveaway last week! I never thought I’d win a giveaway, but there you go. Sometimes everything comes up Fiona! I entered the giveaway on Mollie’s blog, Wild Olive, which is a favourite of mine. I’ve mentioned before that Mollie’s in the middle of an Embroidery Basics Course that should really help me in my embroidery adventures. Her whole blog inspires me so much!

What did I win? Amy T. Schubert’s new eBook Tell Its Story. And it’s awesome! I’ve only read the introduction so far and am pretty interested. Did you know that Amy wrote her Master’s Thesis on Harry Potter?! That’s very cool… If, you know, you’re a HP fiend, like me! I have a lot of stuff and I’m only now, due to this blog and to the fact that I read so many other blogs, beginning to really see the stuff I own and appreciating it. There are sections in this book about photographing your objects and journaling your memories, which should really motivate me. Thanks so much, Mollie and Amy, for the giveaway and the eBook. I love it!

I’ve left Nancy now and I don’t know if I’ll ever go back. I’d love to at some stage, but who knows what will happen! I gained so much from my trip. I got so many results in the lab that should make for a good few papers, which is just great! I travelled to two countries other than France and I visited seven different towns and cities. The travelling I did was fantastic! To be so central in Europe and get the opportunity to visit all of those places is something I’m so glad for. My knowledge of the French language improved… Not as much as I had hoped it would, but I now have a good grasp of it and I do plan on carrying on with it in whatever ways I can.

And most of all, I’ve realised how strong a person I am. It was hard at times, of course. But I proved a lot to myself by spending two months away from my country, my home, my family and boyfriend and my friends. If you don’t mind me saying, I’m pretty awesome. (:

So I spent this weekend in Naas, chilling out in my new bedroom.

New Bedroom 2

New Bedroom 4

New Bedroom 15

New Bedroom 20

My Dad painted the walls back in November, which was very nice of him! And from then until about Christmas I painted the wardrobes and made it all super pretty! The photos don’t really show the whole bedroom, only the interesting parts. And the books, of course, cause I like books. Now, I’m no interior designer, not at all. I just don’t have the eye for colours and layout. So I know this isn’t spectacular, but I like it all the same. Mainly because I put work and effort into it. And I think it shows. And that Cath Kidston bedspread… I love it!

I took a walk down town on Sunday morning to meet a friend of mine and we stopped into a new sweet shop for some tasty boiled sweets!

Sweet Shop 1

Then home for a (mostly) homemade salad dinner out in the sun.

Sunny Feast 1

And a bit of big-fat-cat-love.****

Mittens Collage

Oh, I really hope this sun lasts at least a week longer!

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. A very disjointed account of my last few weeks and thoughts in general. What have you all been at?

Kisses and stuff!


*NOx belongs to my friend, neighbour and co-worker, Nikki. She bought him recently and he’s just too cute!

**Not to mention the fact that stress cripples me!

***Yay, weddings!!

****Or, well, big-fat-cat-whinging-for-our-food.

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Skuld said...

Stress is indeed lame. Feeling a bit stressed right now, but going to try and forget about it so I can enjoy my evening. Congrats on the giveaway(!). I'm yet to win one.....some day. That's why I'm always cautious to enter only ones I really want to win, because I know eventually I'll win, just once, and it would be for something I didn't really want....

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