Saturday, March 26, 2011

Old Crafts: Dear Knitting


So... I know we haven't spoken in ages, but I just wanted to give you your needles back... Oh, and this yarn! No, it doesn't fit my crochet hook*, that's why I'm giving it back. We had a fantastic relationship. It was short, yes, but there was a time when I thought you were the only needle craft for me. But... Well... You know how these things go.

I've mentioned before that I'm fighting with knitting, but that wasn't exactly right. Knitting and I had a nearly two year relationship and it was great! I made a few mediocre things, here and there. I really liked learning the stitches... But my heart just wasn't in it. It wasn't all my fault the relationship didn't work out though! Knitting is just so difficult to figure out. And it takes so much time! I'm an impatient gal! So we're on an extended and potentially infinite (but comfortable) break. I'll say hi to it at a party, but we won't be getting into any deep, meaningful conversations any time soon!

Now, I'm not saying I'm going to excel in crochet either! Our relationship may only last a year or so... But we've decided to have an open one. I'm fooling around with sewing too... Or well, sewing kinda came first, so wouldn't that make crochet the bit on the side? Well, anyway, who knows where these things will go.

I started crafting a few years before I started this blog. I'll never sell these things on Etsy or even in a local craft shop or market. I craft because it makes me happy, not because I'm good at it. And I don't craft too often either... Regularly enough, I suppose... But I'm studying for a PhD in Chemistry! It's more than a full time job.

I digress. My point is that I'm starting a very informal and irregular series on this blog devoted to Old Crafts.** A few things you should know about my these Old Crafts:
  • They may only be a month old.
  • The photos will probably not be the best.
  • They may not be that great themselves.
  • They may not be "typical" crafts.

It's something fun I've been thinking of doing. Last summer was really lovely! I accomplished some things I never thought I could, like growing from seed and making bread. And through these accomplishments, I always thought that I'd love to show these things off.*** So it seems I started my blog too late to show them off in real time, but better late than never.

Here's to proudly and unashamedly showing off our accomplishments!!

And so, maybe you've guessed that my first Old Craft will be knitting. Better to get it out of the way so I never have to think about it again. It all started when *the boys* got me a How-To-Knit-Beanbag-Animals Set for my 21st birthday, purely as a joke. Little blue plastic needles and a pitiful amount of synthetic yarn. But I loved it! Soon, I had six tiny animals on my bedside locker - a frog, a rabbit, a cat, a bird and... two other animals. I know I have pictures of the animals at home, but I can't access them from France obviously, so you'll just have to accept that they were AWESOME!!

Next up was a present for my Mother, a little knit heart in a 3D frame.

And then I made a few arm warmer things, three in total. One for my sister Emer, one for my sister Aoife and one for Aoife's boyfriend, Jason. The ones for Jason were commissioned for his birthday. Ooh là là! I never got a photo of the ones I made for Emer. I made them while my family and I were in Queensland for Christmas over two years ago. Crafts are a great thing to take abroad and pass the time. Here are photos of the arms warmers I made for Aoife and Jasoon.

I actually had a lot of fun making these! Shame I never made some for myself. Maybe next autumn, I'll crochet myself some gloves.

Not now though, now it's spring! We sat outside for lunch on Friday, eating pasta, and I managed to get sunburnt! Just a tiny bit on my arm, but really... Am I that Irish?? Yes, yes, I am. It was very overcast and rainy today, but I still bought sunglasses in anticipation of the sun that will arrive next week!

And speaking of next week... I've been keeping up a habit of posting at least once, if not twice, a week. And I do believe that regular posting in a blog is a good thing. But on Wednesday, after a separation of 67 days, my very lovely boyfriend will be in France. And I am so excited! I've got nearly all my work done in the lab and at the minute I'm writing up a report, something which can be done at home in Ireland. So, all going to plan, from Wednesday afternoon, I'll be finished at ENSIC and enjoying time with my tall man. We're spending two and a half days in Nancy and then three days in Paris. We plan to drink coffee, eat cheese, visit museums and flea markets and be sickly cute like all those French couples I've been wanting to maim on the streets of Nancy.

I can't believe I'll be home in Galway in nine days. I'll be honest and tell you all that I am homesick. This stay in France has been wonderful! I've gained a lot in my PhD, my linguistic skills and my adventures. But I want to go home now. I just can't wait! Nine days! So who knows, maybe the next time you hear from me, I'll be chilling in my lovely apartment in Ireland, wouldn't that be wonderful??

Wishing you all a wonderful week and rest of the weekend! 


*I do have more than one crochet hook, but for the drama...

**I really couldn't come up with a better title.

***I'm nothing, if not honest.

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