Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flying visit to the Swiss Alps

Swiss Alps 127

Like, really flying!

But not really flying in that I flew...

Let me explain...

I decided to go to a little place called Lauchernalp just up from the village of Wiler, in the middle of nowhere in Switzerland. Why? 'Cause my friend Alex, whom I met in Melbourne over a year ago, is working there at the moment. And it's the Swiss Alps!! And it seemed like a fun thing to do.

Swiss Alps 112

And it was! If a little hectic. My *first* train was due to leave at seven fifteen from Nancy Gare... And of course, of course, I had to set my alarm wrong and wake up at seven, which did not give me enough time to get a tram to the station. So cue a mild amount of freaking out and then rationalising and then realising I can just leave at nine fifteen. Win!

Swiss Alps 27

And... Six hours later I arrived at my destination. Phew! Three trains, four stations, one bus, one cable car. Long journey! But I had some cool new photos apps on my HTC phone and got very snap happy!

Swiss Phone Collage

And the mountain was wonderful! It was really breathtaking to be having a few (free) drinks while up about 2000 m with snow all around. And we were staying with the cutest couple who didn't speak a word of English but were still so sweet to me!

I woke up on Sunday morning to this:

Swiss Alps 101

And the rest of the day went something like this:

Swiss Alps 66 Fiona

Swiss Alps 47

Swiss Alps 77

Swiss Alps 119

Swiss Alps 85

Swiss Alps 82

Swiss Alps 120

It was a really great trip and I'm so glad I went, even if I was travelling forever to get there!

I hope you guys had fun weekends too! What did you get up to?

Fi xx

*Please note: These aren't my sunglasses. I had none and Alex only had these. So grateful for them though, the sun was fierce that day!


Anonymous said...

Fiona, thanks for stopping by Emboîté--

Those are some very beautiful pictures of some very beautiful alps!

Fiona said...

No problem! I'm looking forward to getting home and trying out some macaron recipes. (:

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