Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This Weekend Part 2: Strasbourg

Strasbourg was really nice! The Cathedral, phew!! Spectacular! But I'll get back to that, as a sort of grand finale.

Strasbourg 3

Strasbourg 140

Unfortunately (again) it rained all day, an uncomfortably drizzly sort of rain. I braved it as long as I could - had a walk around, saw the lovely buildings and all the stairs going down to the river.*

Strasbourg 36

Strasbourg 31

To be honest, I didn't stay long and I didn't see much. That rain! And I was so tired too... All I really wanted to do was get back to Nancy and chill.

Strasbourg 43

So, without further ado, onto The Cathedral!!! As I said, phew! It really was breathtaking... From all around the city, you can see the spire peeking above buildings and around corners. But it's pretty well hidden if you don't have a very good map** and aren't quite sure where you're going. In the end, I followed the people. The Cathedral was like a magnet, attracting everyone to it's base, to look up in awe. I turned a corner and there it was! It's freaking huge!!

Strasbourg 51

Strasbourg 58Strasbourg 98

I climbed up to the platform, 332 steps on a winding stairs, the kind that makes me so dizzy. But it was so nice. I could see over all the rooftops in Strasbourg, over the whole city.

Strasbourg 102

Strasbourg 93

Strasbourg 83

Strasbourg 112

I hope you've enjoyed my weekend trips so far!


*I think they're just so cool! I can imagine Ye Olden Days women washing clothes in the river, singing some Ye Olden Days songs and it makes me smile.

**Which I didn't.


Olivia Juliann Crabtree said...

This is soooo gorgeous! I would love to go!


Fiona said...

Thanks Olivia! If you ever get a chance, I would reccommend it... Preferably in the summer. (:

Sofi Stellar said...

These pictures are so gorgeous. They make me want to travel even more than I already do!

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