Monday, February 21, 2011

This Weekend Part 1: Colmar

Oh, Colmar! A lovely little village, really, it is, but I just couldn’t help thinking that it would look so so much better in the summer, with flowers and sun and a blue sky. It was pretty though, such a special place. It’s like it didn’t really get past Medieval times, which suits everyone very well, because it looks great as it is!

Colmar 169

Colmar 10

Colmar 24

Colmar 14

Unfortunately, this weekend was not the best for the weather, boo! Well, good weather can’t happen all the time. I didn’t dress for the cold, though, so I spent a fair amount of the day in cafes and bars. Not such a bad idea, either!

Colmar 67

Colmar 20

Colmar 93

Colmar 38

I found the most amazing bookshop! Amazing!! It was oh so good! There were so many books and there was no room to sit down and it was so pokey and good. Most of the books were old, old, old. Such treasures there.

Colmar 26Colmar 28Colmar 29

Colmar 32
I found a whole shelf (A WHOLE SHELF) full of very old Chemistry school books. I took this photo, but in my haste, I had most of these books arranged upside down.


Colmar 33

I picked up this pretty super one from 1918 (I think). I love it! The diagrams are all hand drawn and the French words fascinate me! There’s even a page torn out of a notebook on which some old schoolboy has written words to do with magnetism. I feel really lucky to have found it.

Cours de Chimie 1915 1

Cours de Chimie 1915 3

The shop is called Lire & Chiner and it is located at 36, Rue des Marchand, Colmar, 68000. Website here. Check it out! Do, do!!

This Weekend Part 2: Strasbourg will be coming up tomorrow evening. For now, it’s late and I need sleep.


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Skuld said...

That's so awesome! I love finding handwritten notes in old books. Hand-drawn diagrams is especially cool. Look forward to perusing it when you get back.

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