Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well, this past half week has been so… Full!

Full of new French words, new acquaintances, new experimental techniques, full of crêpes, full of tram journeys, full, full, full!!

And strange non-QWERTY keyboards!

French Keyboard 1French Keyboard 3

I’ve been in the lab for three days and loving it all so far! The people are great and very patient with me when I can’t understand them.* We celebrated Le Chandeleur today with a crêpe party. There was beer and cider, at twelve on a school day! And apéritifs – Mirabelle, a regional speciality, and some strange truffle liqueur. I don’t really like liquer, it’s just too strong, but I tried both out of curiosity. The Mirabelle had such a lovely scent, fruity and nice! The taste was as I expected – alcohol. Ho hum. The truffle liquer was… Dear me! It was probably the worst drink I’ve ever had. Who wants a drink that tastes like mushrooms?? I shudder even thinking about it!

The really cool thing about this party though? You know when you’re making pancakes for breakfast and one person is cooking and the other is eating and you can never really sit down to eat together unless you have cold pancakes? This happens to Paul and I all the time, although it’s mostly him that makes the pancakes cause I just can’t seem to get them right. Worry no more, our problems have been solved! Je vous présente The Tefal Crep’Party Compact. Wowee!! It made everything so easy – lay out your batter, wait a few minutes, turn over, add toppings to melt and voilà, c’est fini! This is definitely something I’ll be investing in when I get back.

I’ve been picking up a few nice things that make me so happy to be here. Want to see?

Stan and Macarons

Macarons, yum! Caramel, pistachio and chocolate. The caramel was my favourite. And a public transport pass. Galway is a small enough town, so it’s such a novelty to be using the tram every day! I love getting the chance to read a bit before I start the work day too.

Flowers! 1Flowers! 3
Flowers! 4


This plant** is deceivingly expensive, if you’re like me and fail to hear the difference between trois and treize euro! I just don’t know how I managed it… but I know I’ll be taking good care of this little thing over the next two months. I think it’s made my room a little sweeter though, yay!

I wrote a letter last night, so some lucky friend of mine will be getting post quite soon!


I love the Hello Kitty envelope! The actual letter is written on Hello Kitty paper too, so cute!

Love to all!


*Which is ALL the time.

**Which is cleverly made to look like picked flowers, don’t you think?


Marisa Midori said...

Oh my! Trois to treize is quite a leap! But they look lovely, nonetheless. Very jealous of your travels!

Skuld said...

I made that mistake before, but I thought she said 'treize' not 'trois' so I didn't buy the item. I only realized a few hours later. ho-hum. At least it happened when buying beautiful flowers and not something silly like bread or the like. Glad everyone there is lovely!

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