Monday, February 28, 2011

Owen Pallett and Metz

I saw Owen Pallett play in L’Autre Canal Theatre here in Nancy on Thursday night and I can tell you that it was one of the best gigs I’ve been to! I was, in a word, anxious, about going to the gig by myself. I really really enjoy my own company (maybe even a bit too much?) and my various weekend trips have been fab! But I felt that being at a gig by myself would be pushing the boundaries of loneliness.

Owen Pallett 2

However, I also felt that I had to go to this gig! I was shocked to find out that Owen was going to play in my little temporarily adopted home and even more shocked to find out that the tickets were under €10. It was a bargain that I had to avail of! I ended up meeting four lovely girls to enjoy the experience with, three Irish and one English. The first Irish people I’ve met in Nancy, and out of pure chance! It was delightful.

And Owen… He played so well, he was so sweet, he *tried* to speak a little French and he played my request. And my favourite song! Win! I never even knew that he’s a one man band. I had visions of a whole host of piano players, backing singers, violinists, everything! But no. He loops his violin and piano pieces, and even his voice. It’s amazing to watch. And so much work for him, I’m sure!

Owen Pallett Collage

Excuse my crude video taking skills, but here’s a little video I took from the gig. The song is from when Owen Pallett was known as Final Fantasy. It’s called “Many Lives –> 49 MP” from the album, He Poos Clouds.*

I bought his new album, Heartland, at the gig and I am not embarrassed to say that it’s all I’ve been listening to since Thursday night and that I‘m listening to it right now.

We’re all, I’m sure, guilty of a bit of self Googling… Seeing where we are in the World Wide Web, or if we even make the cut. I don’t, until you reach the third or fourth results page, and even then it’s work-related! But I’m wondering do artists Google themselves? After a few gigs, do they wonder, “Has anyone uploaded photos or videos from my tour? Did anyone blog about me?” So if you’ve done this, Owen, and ended up on my very humble blog, leave a comment, say hi!

Owen Pallett 17

[And after all this prattling on about a man I’ve never met, I’d like to bring everyone’s attention to a man whom I have met and whom I like very much, whose name is Paul, regardless of what this link may say.]

And now, onto what I did this weekend! Saturday was a day for big sleep ins, being rained on while stupidly wearing flats and meeting S (who has just moved here for two months) for coffee and then dinner. A day I needed for it’s slow pace and lack of definite plans. Bliss!

Place Stanislas 30

And today**, S, Alejandra (another visiting student) and I went to Metz. And it was so refreshing to be travelling with other people. This weekend has been one of chats! I’ve talked more this weekend than any other on this trip and I’m loving it! We saw the cathedral and the Centre Pompidou and walked around the pretty city. And home early for some rest before another week of work starts.

Metz 17

Metz 19

Metz 23

Metz 28

Metz 36

Metz 56

Metz 93

I can’t believe I’m halfway through my trip… At times it’s going so fast and at others so slow!

Kisses as always!



**Or yesterday, if this internet connection will ever sort it’s problems out.

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