Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Shall I show you more of this beautiful little place in which I’m living? Are you ready for all the lovely?

Place Stanislas 17

I spent the past weekend in museums mostly.

Le Musée de Beaux-Arts. (No photos allowed.)

Le Muséum-Aquarium.

Aquarium 8Aquarium 30

Aquarium 27Aquarium 33

Aquarium 34

Le Musée de l’Ecole de Nancy. (No photos allowed inside.)

Sunday Morning Walk 16 

La Basilique Saint-Epvre.

Saint Epvre 9

Saint Epvre 12
Saint Epvre 11

Saint Epvre 2

Le Musée Lorrain.

Musee Lorrain 6Musee Lorrain 7Musee Lorrain 13

Musee Lorrain 20Musee Lorrain 18

La Cathédrale.

Cathedral 4Cathedral 13

Cathedral 11

Ooh, lovely!

I also walked as much of the town as I could… Checking out the gorgeous architecture they have here.

Sunday Morning Walk 11Sunday Morning Walk 18

Sunday Morning Walk 19

Sunday Morning Walk 38Sunday Morning Walk 43

Sunday Morning Walk 34

Sunday Morning Walk 36Sunday Morning Walk 31

I ate two meals out – one lovely, one absolutely sickening.* But the coffee is always good.

On another note, I found the most amazing cheese ever…Reblochon.

Reblechon Cheese

Pair it with some salami, tasty cherry tomatoes, bread and grapes and you have a super after-work snack! Oh so tasty!

Yummy 3Grapes 2

I just booked a train and hostel for Luxembourg this weekend… And I’ll let you in on a little secret. I know nothing about Luxembourg, besides that it’s a tiny country! Gotta do my reading over the week. I’m pretty sure I’ll find lots to do, even just walking around taking photos.**

I have to give a presentation on Thursday, but thankfully not in French. Wish me luck!


P.S. Check out this website if you’d like to know more about this wonderful city!

*You win some, you lose some.

**Which is very quickly becoming one of my favourite pastimes!

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