Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I spent the past weekend in Luxembourg and treated myself pretty well, to say the least.

I ate various more-expensive-than-I'm-used-to meals and had a SUPER fancy Valentine's dinner on Saturday evening in a too-fancy-for-it's-own-good restaurant. The food was so good, but the service was lacking. Waiting for the bill for 20 minutes did not put me in a very happy mood when it came to tipping.

I had real coffees, oh, that was marvellous! I've realised, having spent just over two weeks in Nancy, that I'm not a big fan of espressos. I mean, they're grand, they taste good and all, but I like to savour my coffee, drink it slowly. Espressos just don't do it for me. So imagine my delight when I ordered coffees in Luxembourg and they came out as they should - a big cup, with enough proper strong coffee in it for me to take my time. Oh, yummy!

I also treated myself to some crochet and embroidery paraphernalia. I had tried crochet before, about a million times... But all those different stitches and the damned foundation chain always, ALWAYS, turned me off. I've started crocheting again and decided that this time, I would just dive right into a project, and learn the stitches as I went. Good idea that. I'll show you guys the small things I've made once I can get up that little bit early in the morning for some good light to take good photos.

Anyway, I found a yarn shop in Nancy that sells only that, yarn; no needles, hooks, etc. I bought some lovely, soft merino wool yarn, but still needed a tapestry needle and more crochet hooks. I passed, simply by accident, the most perfect shop in Luxembourg, one that sells yarn, needles, embroidery stuff, everything!! So I stocked up, tapestry needles, chochet hook, embroidery thread, etc. Oh, the fun I will have!

I went a bit crazy with the camera over the weekend, taking just under 300 photos... And that's after I weeded out the bad ones! There's a lot to see in Luxembourg! I didn't visit any museums or spend any money on entrance fees to tourist spots. I simply walked around all weekend. If you're familiar with Lux, you'll know that it's an intricate city, full of valleys and fortifications and winding roads. I went up, down, over, under... So much walking!

I also went on the AquaTunnel walk, which was an educational (for kids) walk through an underground tunnel that passed through (or under) the city.

Because I took quite a few photos, I think it's best to split this post into two... You'll find the other half of the pictures here.




Irishman said...

Love this set of photos! Absolutely gorgeous!


Skuld said...

Nom, espresso. I don't always want one, but when I'm in the mood, it's the most perfect thing in the world.

Yay! Crochet! Remember, ask me about any problems, or failing that, search the super helpful boards on Ravelry.

gitu said...

hi do you remember the name of the shop where you got your knitting stuff the name of the street if you remember. Many thanks!

Fiona said...

Hi gitu, I don't remember the name of the shop but I know it was on Avenue de la Gare, at the end of the road on the left as you walk away from the station. Hope this helps!

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