Friday, January 14, 2011

Paris, je t’aime…

Eiffel Tower 14

Note: that title and these pictures may be a *bit* misleading…

Some time ago, my PhD supervisor emailed myself and all the people in my research group an advertisement and a link for a chance to do some research abroad. Studying and living abroad is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I’ve always, always wanted to live in Paris!!

Well, it’s not Paris, but that doesn’t matter to me ‘cause it’s still France!

In two weeks, I’ll be moving to Nancy, in the Lorraine region of France, for two months. You would think that I’d be bouncing off the walls at this thought, and I am excited… a bit.

But at the moment, I’m feeling quite melancholy about leaving my boyfriend, family and friends for so long and I don’t take kindly to homesickness. So yeah, I’m a bit sad right now and overwhelmed with the jobs I have to do before I leave.

Jobs like:
  • Finish the experimental section of this conference paper that’s to be handed in in a week.
  • Find someone to move into my sweet little apartment.
  • Pack!

Oh jeez, packing!! What do I bring? I’ll be gone for two months, but I don’t want to bring a mountain of things. I need items that will keep me occupied mostly – books, crochet hook, embroidery. And clothes, maybe I’ll need clothes.

So much to think about and so little time!

I’ve taken a break from this post of about ten minutes, and after coming back to reread, I see that it’s shockingly emotional. I’m moving to France, for fuck’s sake! That’s awesome!! Sure, I’ll miss my friends and family, but I’m only gone for two months. It’s not the end of the world.

I’m leaving Galway Saturday week to go home and spend some time with my parents and friends on that side of the country. Then travelling to Brighton, where my sister, niece and good friend, Ana, live. I’ll be spending three days with them and mainly chillaxing in Brighton where my bag is packed and there’s nothing more I can fret about.

And then, on the 28th of January, I’ll be hopping onto a Eurostar train that will take me under the sea and straight to Nancy*. The Eurostar!! Now, that IS exciting!! Imagine, a train that travels under the sea. Say what?!!! I know it’s not a recent invention or anything, but it just sounds so cool!

And so, here are some photos of the last time I was in Paris:

Eiffel Tower 2

Arc de Triomphe 3
The view from l’Arc de Triomphe.

Sacre Coeur 2Sacre Coeur

Baby ducks!! 3

This weekend, I have a few things on. Tomorrow, I’ll be working most of the day to catch up with this damn paper. I’ll hopefully have most of the work for it done by the evening (yay!) and then the proper weekend begins!! Bon Voyage drinks in town tomorrow night. And I’ll be spending ALL of Sunday with Paul (the boyfriend) doing fun things and enjoying our last full day together.

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything fun happening?

Gros bisous!


*Well, not exactly straight, there’ll be a few changes… Just three… Eek!!

**I sure hope there’ll be baby ducks again this time!!!


Erin said...

oooooh lucky you! have an amazing time!

Fiona said...

Thanks Erin!! (:

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