Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Decorations

Because I live in a small apartment and I was a bit lazy on the decorating front this Christmas, no decorations went up, besides this gorgeous paper snowflake:

Christmas Snowflake 2

I found the tutorial to make this on Cut Out + Keep two years ago and have made a snowflake every year since. I made three this year – one for my apartment, one for my family home and one for the office.

Christmas 6

Office Decorating 20

Chris and I, the crafty ones in my research group, decided the office needed a bit of handmade love. Over the course of a few evenings, we made this long, long paper chain:

Office Decorating 9

We had so much fun making it! And it was easy peasy. Sitting at a desk, talking about baking, sewing and the upcoming Christmas party, cutting and stapling.

Office Decorating 3

We finally put up the decorations one weekend. Simple but pretty, in my opinion.

Office Decorating 12

Office Decorating 17

Office Decorating 18Office Decorating 19

At home, my parents went a bit wild. We had a busy house this Christmas, with future brothers-in-law and eight year olds, so they decided that our decorations needed a revamp! My Mum bought this beautiful carousel:

Christmas 9

And then the tree… So pretty!!

Christmas 1Christmas 3

Mittens certainly liked all the Christmas cheer…

Mittens and the Christmas Tree 2

See? He’s so… Excited… Isn’t he??

There was more snow over Christmas, lots of it!!

Snow 23Snow 47

Snow 53

Snow 39

Unfortunately*, it’s all gone now and, though the temperatures have risen, it’s just not the same. The Winter Wonderland has gone. But it’s a bit more practical for travelling and walking now, which is something to be thankful for.

And there’s Christmas for you! Over for another year. Back to work on Wednesday, eek! I just don’t know how I feel about that. Oh well, at least I’ll have Christmas memories to sustain me!


*Fortunately for a lot of people.

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Your Kitty said...

These are some gorgeous crafts and pictures.

I especially love that you and Chris decorated the office space! :)

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