Thursday, January 6, 2011

Butterflies, everywhere!!


I have finally bought some Martha Stewart punches!


I bought three: the classic butterfly, the apple and the balloon.

It's the butterfly I'm most excited about!

Around... Oh... Nearly two or three months ago now, I bookmarked The Butterfly Project as something I'd really, really like to do.

Ask anyone who knows me even a little and they'll tell you that I love butterflies. Butterflies and cats. They're my small animal loves.*

So this seemed like a nice little project to occupy my time. Looks like it would be kinda... Calming.

I'd say I will change the project a bit. Punch out the butterflies and string them up maybe? A garland of butterflies? Any suggestions?

In other news, I just came across this article while looking for the proper spelling of "leopard". Mad! I was not aware that any birds had fallen from the sky. Were you? But now I've learnt two new words. Two words that I will most definitely forget by tomorrow. But you never know, maybe they'll come up in a table quiz some day.

I hope you're all having a nice week!


*My sisters, future brothers-in-law, cousins and I were having a conversation over Christmas about our favourite big animal and I think, although I'm so, so fickle when it comes to definite favourites, that mine would be a snow leopard. They're beautiful. 

Three or four years ago, I asked my parents to sponsor a snow leopard for me from the Dublin Zoo for Christmas. However selfless a deed this may seem, don't be fooled! I got a year's membership to the zoo, Fota Wildlife Park and a few random zoos in England out of it... So go me!

What's your favourite animal, big or small? I know favourites are difficult so you can choose more than one if you'd like. (:


jannek said...

A garland with butterflies would be great I imagine! If you then swing them aroud a big plant in your living room, you'll be surrounded by butterflies! My favourite animal is a sheep, yes, I grew up with them and I still think theý're the cuddliest animals. Second best are cats though! :)

Fiona said...

Are sheep cuddly? I'd say lambs are the sweetest. You have a nice idea there - stringing them around a plant would be fun! Thank you!!

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