Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brighton is Lovely!

It’s full of puppies and nieces and family and friends. Oh, it’s great!

Puppy Penny 29

My sister’s new Tibetan Terrier pup, Penny, is adorable, such a sweetie. I know it’s not very nice to laugh at small things falling over, but she keeps on falling off the couch (and not harming herself) and it’s so cute. And seeing her and Laoisha, my niece, together is really nice. Laoisha’s such a boss when it comes to animals and kids younger than her. So here’s a puppy, only two months old and she’s all about the bossing. Argh, so cute!!

Puppy Penny 12
Oh jeez, oh jeez!!
I’m taking care of Penny today while everyone’s at work or at school, etc. She’s chewing up everything around her. And Brad, Emer’s fiancé, seems to leave his socks all over the sitting room. Penny’s chewing, chewing, chewing them up! Now she’s pooped and sleeping on my French Guide Book. And sometimes she sleeps on me!

Me and Penny 3

Penny 2

I met Ana in town yesterday for lunch, some mint chilli tea (who thought that would be a nice combination?) and a bit of window shopping. There are a few gorgeous shops in Brighton, lovely vintage ones and ones with great, great dresses! They make me want to live here so I can buy all the furniture and kitchen bits and buttons in the world. But maybe I’ll have to make do with having a friend and sister who live here and free accommodation for when I do decide to go on a big shopping spree! After a wander about town, we went back to Ana’s house to cook dinner – lentil moussakka and it was yummy! Oh, I’m having such a nice time here!


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Skuld said...

Aw, adorable puppy! Glad you're having fun love. I miss you already. :(

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