Monday, January 24, 2011

All packed and ready to go!!

Packing 1

I think…

When I left Galway, came home to Naas and weighed my bag, it was 19 kg. Oh no! I’ve only checked in 15 kg of a bag!! I called Ryanair today to see if I could add an extra 5 kg to my bag, but it was going to cost €30! And I know you may be looking at my bag and thinking “Well, Fiona, really. Do you need all that stuff? Your yoga mat (that you’ve never used*), your teddy??” But these things are important for me to enjoy my time in Nancy and Tigger’s very very necessary in that he may ward away the lonelies. So this evening, after a little bit of, eh, rearranging and stuffing things into my carry on luggage, my checked bag is down to 15 kg, whoop!! Packing, check!

What about that apartment? I spent a week trying to get someone to take my room permanently, but no one was biting, boo! Luckily, and bizarrely, enough, I found someone who’s working short term in Galway until the day I fly home. He seems lovely! And he’s going to sublet my flat. Great!

And that paper? Unfortunately, it didn’t go out. The data I took isn’t good enough (yet) to be put into a paper. But hopefully, I’ll present this research at a conference in Spain in September! This will be my first time presenting for real to REAL people and it’s terrifying! But it will be great and such a step for me to take.

I had a lovely weekend, filled with love, goodbyes, a few tears and seeing friends I too rarely see! Paul and I spent our last day together laughing, making pancakes and shopping for gerbil supplies. He walked me all the way to the train, which was so sweet of him, and we had a few last words, tears and then I was off. one of my good friends came around on Saturday evening for some tea and we had a really really lovely chat! And I met other good friends of mine out at the pub for a catch up, which was super! On Sunday, my parents, sister Aoife and I went to Dublin to visit House Number 29 and have a tasty meal! The house was great!! An old Georgian house full of beautiful antiques that shows how life was for both the servants and the upperclass family. If anyone is living in or around Dublin, I’d definitely recommend this house for a one hour afternoon dose of culture.

I still have some small things to do before I leave tomorrow afternoon, and then I’m flying to Brighton to see my sister Emer, her fiancé, my niece and their new Tibetan Terrier dog, squee!!

So… Yeah, stage two** of my French adventure is beginning tomorrow and I’m so excited!

Hope everyone’s well!


*I may never have used the mat, but I do do yoga every week (ish) on the mats we have in college and feel like some sun salutations in the morning would be lovely!

**Stage one is being back home in Naas, chilling out.

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