Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And… The rest of the presents.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

I hope you all had a good one and are looking forward to 2011 as much as I am.

So I have a few Christmas related posts still to get up and I hope to do this BEFORE 2011 starts… But I’m away to Tullamore tomorrow and not sure if there’s wireless or an internet connection in the hotel.*

To start with, I’ll round up all the presents and show you what nice things my family got this Christmas.

For my Dad:

Terrarium 2

Terrarium 5

A moss terrarium full of the cutest little ducks you’ve ever seen!

I think he liked it… Something to put on his desk in work to make him smile.

For my darling niece, Laoisha:

Crayons 5

Crayons 1

Crayons!! Laoisha’s a creative little girl and I think she’s going to love these crayons, once she’s over all her other fancy schmancy Christmas presents. Who wants a Nintendo DS when you can have super cool crayons??

To make these crayons, I bought a few boxes of super cheap crayons in the supermarket** and broke them up into pieces. Then I grouped them into nice colour combinations and put them into moulds. Unfortunately, the first mould I used was an ice cube tray I had mistaken for silicone*** and it suffered greatly.

Ruined mould

It wasn’t even my tray, it was Skuld’s… Oops! It was alright though cause I found a similar star shaped ice cube tray in my cupboard to give back to her. So anyway, back to the crayons. There are loads of variations on how to melt them flying around the Internet.

If you melt them too quickly, the colours will mix and you won’t get a cool marbled effect. So what I did was pop them into the oven at 180 oC for about five minutes. I kept a close eye on them and took them out of the oven the minute I saw that they were melted. You can find other methods on how to melt crayons here and here. The main point is to watch them closely and experiment, experiment, experiment!

I also commissioned this great hula hoop from my friend, Nelly, a super hoop maker:


For my sister, Emer:

I saved the best for last, the present I am most happy and delighted with. The one I mulled over for hours – how to fit it all together, how to make the decoration, how to get it perfect. And I think I did OK. What do you think?

Clutch bag 1

Clutch bag 5

Clutch bag 3

A beautiful clutch / make up bag that she loved! I styled it on the clutch bag I saw in this post on You Are My Fave. I love Melanie’s blog. Such a simple idea but it brings me so so much inspiration and she’s such a sweet girl! I’d definitely recommend that you all check it out.

And that’s that. Besides one anniversary present that I’ll put up in the new year, those were all the presents I handmade this Christmas. I like to keep my Christmas presents list down to just my family so that I can get them all really special and thoughtful presents.

Kisses to all and Merry Everything!!


*And having just got into my hotel room to finish this post, I find that there is. Win!

**If I had had crayons lying around my house, I would have used them, of course.

***I’m pretty stupid.

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